XXV International Financial Congress

On June 29 - July 1, we kept servicing the International Financial Congress. It is the annual conference, concerning financial industry issues. The event traditionally brings together the heads of central and commercial banks, financial institutions, international financial organizations, regulators, scientists and businessmen, as well as prominent experts from around the world.

The Congress activities were attended by over a thousand people from 34 countries, which is almost twice as many as in previous years. Therefore, this year, the provision of services for participants was particularly interesting and passed more intensively. The main challenge we faced this year was to make the cultural life of the participants of the congress rich and filled with bright impressions.

In the course of the Congress, our staff provided participants with sightseeing tours, tickets to the most outstanding season performances, as well as booking tables in the best city restaurants. In addition to the cultural life, any member of the Congress could trust us any problem upon logistics, booking air or railway tickets through our service.

Feedback on the project
A.A. Stuglev
Директор Фонда «Росконгресс»
«За активное участие в подготовке и проведении Международного финансового конгресса 2016.»
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