Current issues of sanitary protection of the Customs Union territory

From December 6 to 11, our company organized the internship on: Current issues of sanitary protection of the Customs Union territory". This event was the second in the series of advanced training of specialists from the Republic of Armenia.

We were responsible for the organization of direct flight of 29 delegates from the neighboring country, provided them with hotel accommodation, and three meals a day.

Our managers picked a room with multimedia equipment to conduct the internship, organized the work of lecturers, as well as printing of roll-ups with the symbols of the event, and prepared participants’ bags", which included folders, pens, notebook, flash drive, program, and badge. In addition, we conducted a five-day photo shooting of the training and gave certificates to participants of the internship.

Our employees worked in the mode 24 to 7 in order to provide comfortable conditions for the delegates in the capital of Russia. We addressed all problems, as well as helped with the organization of cultural and leisure activities, including a night tour around Moscow, etc.

All services were provided in accordance with the guidelines of the Road Map" set of measures on the joining the Republic of Armenia to the Customs Union and the Eurasian Economic Space of Belarus, Kazakhstan, and the Russian Federation within the framework of the Agreement between the RF Government and the RA Government for the provision of technical and financial assistance to the Republic of Armenia within the membership in the Eurasian Economic Union from May 21, 2015.

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